Customized Physician Quality Analysis

Free Report: Find the best and worst physicians in your state by specialty

How do you determine who the high quality physicians are within your network? And more importantly, how do you guide your employees to them?

At Grand Rounds, we’ve analyzed over 7 billion data points indicative of physician quality to find the absolute best among the 900,000 practicing physicians in the United States. 

And, for the first time, we’re now offering a free quality report, customized to your company's health needs.  

This report will provide unique insight into the doctors your employees may currently be visiting---and how they rank on metrics that matter. Select a specialty and state or region and we’ll provide a deeper look into the quality of your network than has ever been possible.

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About Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds uses technology to identify and connect employees with specialized healthcare through curated office visits, remote expert opinions and other key services at critical moments of need.  Years of research based on real employer data shows that better care costs less; our self-funded clients save $400 per Office Visit and more than $10,000 per Expert Opinion.  Put evidence-based best practices to work within your current network today.