Our commitment to connect your employees with high-quality, high-impact care rests on one premise: not all doctors are created equal.

In this eBook, we share our recent data analyses of physician clinical practice patterns to explore how top-ranked physicians compare to their lower-ranked peers. Poor quality care surfaces when physicians overprescribe certain medications or fail to screen for cancer at regular intervals. Connecting your employees to high-quality physicians can drive meaningful impact to your organization, both for the health of your employees and for your bottom line. Over the past 6 years, Grand Rounds has partnered with large employers across the country to solve this problem through our data-driven approach to analyzing physician quality and matching employees with the right care. We firmly believe that high-quality care is synonymous with lower health care costs.

Download our free eBook to learn not only what our data science team uncovered, but what leading physicians in their fields are saying about these findings and how quality directly impacts your members.

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About Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds connects employees with specialized healthcare through concierge-style office visits, remote expert opinions and other key services at critical moments of need. Years of research based on real employer data shows that better care costs less; our self-insured clients save $1,800 per Office Visit and $8,900 per Expert Opinion. Put evidence-based best practices to work within your current network today with Grand Rounds.