Highly qualified physicians are located within reasonable distances for the vast majority of patients’ needs. The challenge is awareness—right now, your employees may lack the basic tools necessary to identify which doctors are actually best suited to meet their needs.

When comparing average-quality physicians to top-quality physicians, the top-quality physicians deliver measurably better outcomes.

The top 10% of physicians achieve:

  • 15% lower hospital readmission rates
  • 20-25% lower complications
  • 30-40% lower mortality rates
  • 10-30% lower healthcare spend per patient

Download Grand Rounds’ white paper, “Rating Physician Quality: Why Employers Should Care”, to learn how new technological advancements and data availability are being used to improve connect employees with the highest quality physicians.

Download the Physician Quality White Paper
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Grand Rounds connects employees with specialized healthcare through concierge-style office visits, remote expert opinions and other key services at critical moments of need. Years of research based on real employer data shows that better care costs less; our self-insured clients save $1,800 per Office Visit and $8,900 per Expert Opinion. Put evidence-based best practices to work within your current network today with Grand Rounds.